Online Counseling Services

Feeling challenged? Sometimes the challenges in life bring us to a place where depression, anxiety or anger gets the best of us and we feel stuck without finding resolution.  Relationships can shift over time and bring up dynamics that are difficult to cope with and require new skills. Work can become overwhelming and decision making can be daunting. 

My approach is to see these challenges as opportunities to grow and develop new tools to become more resilient.  With resiliency you can bounce back to the best version of yourself.

Let’s find solutions together!  We are all vulnerable at some time in life and counseling is a great way to obtain support when you need it the most.  If you’ve never experienced counseling as a non-judgmental, informative and learning experience, then I invite you to contact me to begin that process.  

Are you looking for individual therapy or therapy for your relationship?

Lydia Carrión Cuevas, LCSW

Online private counseling is confidential and convenient mobile therapy at the tip of your fingers. It is private, secure and meets HIPAA standards.

Do you reside in Puerto Rico, Texas or Florida? I am licensed in these locations, so now you can access quality counseling without travel. Telehealth therapy is convenient and saves time. You can now receive professional licensed online counseling in the comfort of your own home, office or wherever you have access to a private place and a computer/mobile device.

For couples or families at a distance, we can invite more than one person into the therapy session by using an invitation link to join through the Psychology Today platform.

Please contact me so we can discuss any questions you may have about online counseling services.

You Are Not Alone
You Are Not Alone!

Online therapy with Lydia Carrión Cuevas,LCSW provides you with personal and confidential care offering you skills to accomplish your counseling goals. Together we will develop goals for your health and wellness. Learn about online counseling by visiting our Online Counseling FAQs page.

Who can benefit from online counseling services? You can!

Online counseling benefits:

  • The professional who wants to use time more efficiently in between a busy workday.
  • Parents with hectic schedules who want therapy in a small window of time.
  • An individual who is in recovery from a surgical procedure or anyone on medical bed rest.
  • Someone who lacks adequate transportation or lives in an isolated rural community.
  • All who want to stay healthy and safe in the midst of a pandemic or bad weather conditions.

What are you waiting for?

Make your online counseling appointment and start your online counseling today!