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Online counseling services announcements: The latest statements and updates from Wellness Counseling Services are available for you. When researching your online counseling options, it is important to find a good match; one that is compatible, compassionate, and trustworthy.
Lydia Cerpa LCSW is standing in solidarity with anti-racism, as an individual and as a counselor. An advocate of equal rights, Ms. Cerpa is available in Florida and Texas to assist in the understanding, processing, and resolving any issues you may want to discuss.

The Price of Self-Care and Boundaries

The Price of Self-Care and Boundaries The term “self-care” has become commonplace; it is often the subject of comedy and banter.  By now everyone has heard of self-care. However, it is difficult to put it into action without some personal, professional or social price to be paid. Setting boundaries is often the first step to self-care. Paying the Price in Personal Relationships  In one of Tyler Perry’s movies (“Madea Goes To Jail”) there is a dialogue with Madea and her niece Cora about “What is Me Time?”  Cora starts out politely asking Madea for some “me time,” but she is quickly shut…

Anti-Racism: A Statement from Wellness Counseling Services

As a counselor dedicated to the practice of bringing healing to individuals who have suffered from all manner of pain: emotional, mental, physical, sexual, social and legal, I wish to be clear that I support the anti-racism mission represented by “Black Lives Matter.” Recent protests about violence against Black people have gained momentum and more widespread visibility as a result of an unfortunate resurgence of brazen public murderous actions of those in power and control against Black lives.  Even if I am not on the front lines of protests, I can hear the pain generated by these voices that stems…